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Why I Quit Social Media

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Earlier this year I quit social media and I have zero regrets. It has been full of so many positive benefits.

Let me just say that it was a bit weird at first. But it was totally worth it!

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So, why did I quit social media?

First off, let me start with this wasn’t a random or rash decision that I made. I’ve had this desire to leave Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for quite some time.

I had a social media account ever since Myspace was cool.

Over the last few years, I’ve felt myself less desirous of wasting time scrolling a feed that was filled with what an algorithm deemed important to serve me.

This desire of mine was amplified during Lent when I deactivated my accounts to focus on this holy season.

I came back to social media but on a limited basis and my VA handled social media posts for my other blog, Boots & Hooves Homestead.

And I figured that using her to schedule my posts, I wouldn’t get sucked back into the time suck of these social media accounts. But I was wrong.

Somehow, I would hop on just assuming that I was there to reply to messages and comments…but somehow it sucked me back in. And there I was wasting time scrolling.

I also convinced myself that having a social media presence was vital to the success of my business. But this is not true.

Social media had very little (if any) influence on the success of my business.

I discovered how addicting it was

Have you ever made a resolution to limit social media or screen time in your home? But then found yourself reaching for the phone or tablet often?

This was me.

I realized that I was addicted to my smartphone and social media.

After discovering that it was incredibly additive for myself, I did something a little unorthodox.

I ditched my smartphone completely and bought a very standard flip phone. Boy, was that a challenge. I pretty much had to deprogram myself from the reliance I had to the smartphone in order to operate a basic phone.

And again, this wasn’t a rash decision. I pondered this for over a year before I made the commitment.

iPhone with light blue phone case and plugged into a charger.

Unfortunately, after two weeks of using a generic flip phone, I had to reactivate my old smartphone again. This was because of a few reasons.

  • We live rurally and the reception is terrible most of the time. I was missing calls, text messages, and other things that were actually important.
  • My husband was frustrated with trying to communicate with me through email because I wasn’t receiving his calls or messages.

So basically for the sake of my marriage, I went back to my smartphone. But… I don’t have social media or other unnecessary apps on it. And I still treat it like a basic phone and leave it in my bedroom or on the charger when not needed.

I made time for the things that are truly important in my life.

📱A few reasons why I abhor social media (and smartphones too!):

  • the biggest dislike for me was that it was a distraction
  • they are definite time sucks…I wasted too much time scrolling various apps
  • I felt dumbed down – I became reliant on my smartphone for basic things
  • I lacked focus, concentration, and productivity suffered
  • creativity was also suffering
  • I felt slothful and sluggish most days
  • I also noticed stress and anxiety creeping into my life

Benefits I’ve discovered since quitting social media

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I’m a homeschooler and we follow the Charlotte Mason method of education. And a big important part of this method of education is based on atmosphere and discipline of education.

The mother-teacher is the gatekeeper and I spent a lot of time in reflection. What type of home atmosphere was I trying to create when I was filled with distractions?

So what benefits did I personally experience after I quit social media? First of all, it wasn’t easy. There definitely was some struggles initially.

But after I got over the desires for checking my phone, I learned a lot about myself.

  • I no longer desire to waste time on things that have little value. And I get more things accomplished during the day. Productivity has returned!
  • I have more time God. My spiritual life has improved since I’m making more time for prayer and less time distracted with worldly things.
  • My relationship with my husband and children has improved. I have more time for face to face interactions and less time staring at a screen.
  • I’m less stressed and anxious.
  • My happiness, mood, sleep, and health have all improved! I’m more energetic, active, and have even lost 20 pounds!!
  • My creativity has returned. And now I have more time to do fun things like spend time in nature and do artistic things like brush or chalk drawing with my children.
  • I read more. I actually have more time to read the novels and literature that I enjoy.
  • I feel like I use my brain more. As silly as this sounds, it’s definitely true.

🌵A few tips to get started:

  • begin and end the day with prayer, meditation, and/or spiritual reading
  • take some time for self care!
  • find a good routine for your lifestyle
  • spend time with loved ones — in person!
  • get outside and become more active
  • find an accountability partner

And be not conformed to this world; but be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what is the good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God.

— Romans 12:2

🖤 Favorite products:

Here are a few of my favorite items as mentioned in this post.

Divine Intimacy

Excellent Ted Talk – Quit Social Media

Where would you like to start?

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