Homeschool Preschool Math Lessons + Our Favorite Resources

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Today I’m sharing what we do for homeschool preschool math lessons and our hands on approach to number recognition in the early years.

My current preschooler is very eager to keep up with her older siblings. And this simple approach to short lessons keeps her engaged and busy while I’m teaching the older students their math lessons.

white plastic bin filled with math resources

Simple Preschool Math Lessons

These resources help get the younger students a jumpstart on lessons as they prepare for the future. And they are simple enough that they don’t fatigue the young student.

We typically spend a few moments on simple math lessons, using manipulatives and then moving on to some read alouds.

The very basics that we cover in the younger years are number recognition, sorting by color and number, quantities up to 10, shapes, and counting.

math manipulatives and cut out numbers with young students.

Favorite Resources for Preschool Math

If you read about how we teach reading lessons in preschool, you’ll notice that we are pretty big fans of Treasures from Jennifer. We are not affiliated with them, we just love their products and want to share them with you!

The quality of these products is amazing and worth the money, especially if teaching multiple children. We’ve had many of these products for as long as we started homeschool…way back when my oldest student was in preschool.

wool & wooden balls on a counting board for preschool math lessons.
wooden boards with wool balls and number coins for preschool math lessons.

More Favorite Preschool Math Resources

In addition to these boards and manipulatives, I like to have my young students play number match. I cut and laminate a few each of numbers 1-9 and have the children identify and match multiple numbers.

We also like to spend time in counting books & number recognition through story. I mean, what classical mom doesn’t love tons of beautiful books around the home for her children to enjoy? ♡♡

The first two are used as ideas for creating learning through games and activities.

preschool math books for the homeschool on a table.

The next few books are beautiful picture books that we love to read at home.

two counting picture books on the table.
  • I Spy Numbers in Art
  • Museum 123 (a word of caution, there is one page (& back cover) with immodesty. I just glued the page together to avoid my children seeing it. Otherwise, its a great counting book)
art numbers picture books on a table.

Other counting books & tools:

In general, we keep these short and simple for the very early years. They aren’t meant to fatigue the student, they are meant to be engaging, fun, and a preparation for formal lessons.

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