Advent Bible Reading Plan

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Help prepare for the upcoming Christmas holy day with an Advent Bible Reading Plan. It follows along the journey to Christ’s birth in scripture.

Can you believe that Advent is just right around the corner? Every year, I wonder where the time has gone. And since the season of Advent is fast approaching, I’m sharing my Advent Bible Reading Plan.

And I’m also including a free bible verses printable!

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Advent Bible Reading Plan

Advent is such a special season for us to prepare for Christmas. It is often referred to as a smaller Lent. This is because we take time to make sacrifices and focus on the special feast day which is approaching, the birth of Jesus.

Over the past few years, I have really been focusing on simplifying my life. This includes my prayers and devotions, too.

Sometimes taking on too much can feel overwhelming and when that happens, it is easy to give up on the prayers and resolutions that I’ve made in the past.

Keeping focused on the seasons and following simple prayer routines helps me to stay on track.

The season of Advent really helps me slow down and re-focus my life and this bible reading plan will do just that.

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Focusing on the Season of Advent

Traditions are an important part of our family and we work really hard on teaching our children how to focus on each season.

Using an Advent bible reading plan is another great tool that we can use to get our children familiar with the liturgical seasons.

And its great for learning their bible history, too!

I have two of these bible reading plans included in this area. One is a beautiful large printable that is perfect for your refrigerator or to frame and display during the Advent Season.

The second printable is a plain text version that is much smaller and a great size for keeping inside of your bible.

This is the version of the Bible that we use in our home.

Advent Bible Journal

This year I have put together a new advent bible journal.

Included in this advent bible journal: 

  • Several pages of beautiful printable art! 
  • Daily bible quotes with room to journal your thoughts. 
  • Sheet to plan & keep track of your sacrifices.  
  • Featuring 37 pages for you to stay focused during this Advent season!
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  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!! I printed out copies for us both, so I can do this with my daughter-in-law. I ended up printing so many worthy sheets. Bless you! I am looking forward to what else you send us. We are in Alaska and totally understand the isolated, coming from SoCal, and adjusting to life in the Last Frontier. Blessings on you and your family!